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It is essential that correct footwear is worn when riding. Boots should preferably have a smooth, through sole and a small heel. This means there should be no break in the sole along its length, so there is nothing to catch on the stirrup in the event of a fall that might mean that the rider is dragged along, because the foot cannot come free. When you have boots repaired you need to ask the cobbler to provide you with a through sole.

Traditional riding boots or jodhpur boots are the best footwear. Wellington boots and trainers are both inappropriate.

There is a current trend towards using 'yard' boots. Care needs to be taken when wearing this type of footwear as they may have a heavy tread that can become caught on the stirrup causing the foot to become wedged, or stuck. Always check that the pattern of the tread is offset, so the tread never goes all the way across the sole - this may lead to the stirrup becoming jammed. Also, you will need to bear in mind that your stirrup needs to fit the size of the boot you are using - so you may need a larger stirrup for this type of footwear. If in doubt give us a call!

In order to take the BHS Riding & Road Safety Test, it is necessary to have correct footwear. The Riding & Road Safety Test trainer will be able to advise candidates whether their individual footwear is acceptable or not.