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Reporting of Equestrian Incidents

We hope that you will always be safe when you ride out, but however cautious we are, accidents happen. Unfortunately, every year a high number of equestrian incidents go unrecorded. If no-one knows about them, nothing can be done.

Without hard evidence and hard statistics it is impossible to lobby those in power to make the changes that are required to ensure riding is safer for all. Sharing your experience could make a huge difference – together we can FIGHT FOR CHANGE.

Report and incident

Have you or your horse been involved in an equine related incident? If so, we want to hear about it. It is impossible to lobby Government and other organisations for change without hard evidence to prove there is a need. Let us know what happened, it's never too late to tell us.

Report an Incident

Advice and prevention

We offer a whole range of help and advice for keeping you and your horse safe to enjoy your rides. From advice on what to wear to avoiding low flying aircrafts, we've got it covered - including the mine field that is driver licensing laws and towing regulations.

Advice and Prevention

View incident locations

In this section you will be able to view incidents reported to us and spot any problems in your area. You can compare the number, location and type of incidents for each year.

View Incident Locations